"Every experience I have with you and this company continues to deepen my admiration and respect for all of you.  I not only walk away feeling better for the experience but end up with something beautiful in my house.

Best, Jackie B"   
May 20, 2018

“Thanks for all you do in providing impeccable work and service, I've never been happier than with Olson & Jones. I will continue to spread the word!”

-Jeanna J.   
April 4th 2018

"Why did I choose them? They listened to me and they were honest."
-Nieba P.
"We were impressed not only by the quality of the work you did by by your honesty and integrity."
-Heather A.
"Olson & Jones paid careful attention to my problems and needs, made helpful suggestions, and proved efficient not only in execution but follow-up. I was also impressed with the quality of the individuals who came to do the work. They were polite, informative, capable, and cleaned up thoroughly after their work." 
-Winifred N.

"The Quality and workmanship that they demand, not only of themselves, but of the subcontractors they employ, is impeccable. They have always made themselves readily available when any questions or problems arose and all answers and solutions were given with only our best interest in mind."
-James & Mary A.

"The respect they showed to maintaining cleanliness and order on the project site and particularly in our house as really fantastic and much appreciated." 
-Heather & Gilbert P.
"We will always be grateful for your patience, integrity, expertise, and 'beyond the call of duty' dedication that you so generously devoted to making our home both beautiful and comfortable."
-Chris & Chris B.
"We cannot say enough about the professionalism and personal attention given to our project and our family by the Olson & Jones crew and our project manager in particular." 
 -Lisa & Eric L.