Seismic Retrofit

Don’t take a chance by leaving your family or your home investment at risk – prepare your structure for the next big earthquake with a seismic retrofit.

Olson & Jones has been performing seismic retrofits for our clients for the past 20 years. We know what it takes to upgrade the safety of your home.

What is a seismic retrofit?

A seismic retrofit involves the modification of an existing structure—like a home or office building—to make it more resistant to the devastating effects of earthquakes. In the worst case scenario, it allows for precious minutes of structural stability to evacuate the building before collapse.

foundation boltsCommon earthquake retrofit measures:

  • The most important connection in your home is the framing connection to the foundation. Many homes built prior to 1960 are not bolted down.
  • Cripple walls (short, wood framed walls that connect the foundation to the first floor) are often covered in siding or plaster, which will not offer shear resistance in an earthquake. foundation plateCripple walls must be braced with plywood or other approved material.
  • Faulty materials – your concrete foundation can weaken, crack, and crumble over time, and wood support beams can become rotten. These must be reinforced or replaced.
  • Post and beam floors often have short posts on concrete pier pads that are not connected to the rest of the framing. Securing posts to beams and bracing the posts can prevent them from buckling out during an earthquake.Post Brackets

Contact Olson & Jones to discuss your options. Your home’s seismic retrofit (and your insurance policy) may require an engineer, but it might not. We can help you decide what the best solution will be for your home.

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