Historic Preservation

Historic-Renovation-1Portland, Oregon’s rich architectural heritage of historic homes can be preserved with historic restorations.

Our history is evident in the stately homes that still populate many of our neighborhoods. Portland Bungalow, Craftsman, Foursquares, and many older styles add timeless character to our city.

If you are the fortunate owner of one of these houses, you also know the dark side of historic homes – many of them need constant repairs, and remodeling can pose problems when you are trying to keep the original style intact.

A Unique Approach


Over the years, building materials and construction methods have changed dramatically. Therefore, these monuments to history require extensive knowledge, expertise, and detailed care to restore authentically.

Olson & Jones has been restoring and preserving historic homes in Portland for decades. We have gathered together a team of craftsman and designers who know how to recreate period finishes while seamlessly weaving the modern comforts of technology into our clients’ historic homes.

Don’t let the degradation of time destroy your piece of history. Our project managers have the experience and knowledge necessary to help preserve and protect historical homes. Contact Olson & Jones to learn how your home can be restored and preserved.

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