Condo Remodeling

You’ve found the perfect building, on the perfect block, in the perfect city; but the condo space is less than inspiring. Are you stuck?

A common misconception among condo owners is that their building rules will not allow them to make changes to their space. Most of the time this is not true! We have found that with collaboration, creativity, and care for detail, a condo remodel can transform your space into whatever you want it to be.

Location, Convenience, and Community


We believe you can have your cake and eat it too in your Portland condo. Stay in the location you love and get the kitchen or bathroom you’ve dreamed of, or even a wall-to-wall total transformation!

The Experience of working with Olson & Jones is like none other in Portland, and we are uniquely equipped to work within the strict guidelines of condo building rules and keep your neighbors happy. Read independently managed reviews from our former clients to see how we’re doing.

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Condo Design

Detailed design work is even more critical in a condo than in a traditional home. With limited space to work and shared walls, floor, and ceiling, it is crucial to work with a skilled designer who can make your vision into a reality.

Olson & Jones focuses on construction services, and lets Design Professionals (designers, architects, engineers, etc) do the design. Pick the designer of your choice, or let us make recommendations based on our 28+ years of experience!

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