Home Repairs

If a house is one of your greatest investments, what are you doing to protect and preserve it? Completing necessary house repairs will keep your home valuable and healthy for years to come.

home repairs - windowMaintenance

All homes need regular maintenance, and sometimes they need major repairs to keep them in safe, functioning condition. Olson & Jones has been performing home repairs for our clients for over 28 years. We can find the right solution that will solve problems and make your home more attractive.

home repairs - rotThe War Against Rot

Wood framed houses combined with long periods of temperate wet weather make Portland an ideal environment for rot to spread. Degraded siding, improper window and door detailing, and poor foundation construction can all be the starting place for rot.

Take Care of Your Home

Delaying an important repair can cost you more later, as rot and other moisture or structural issues only get worse!   Contact Olson & Jones and let our home repair experts get your home back in tip-top shape.

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