Common Problems

Houses both old and new often have a lot of problems that can contribute to poor energy efficiency and diminished comfort.

Read up on a few of the most common issues here, and then let our Home Energy Experts help find the solutions that are best for you.

Old WindowsOld Windows – You’ve probably seen window industry marketing saying you need to replace your old windows to save money on energy bills. There may be many good reasons to replace windows including aesthetics and comfort. But if it’s energy savings you are looking for, we want you to know that window replacements have one of the lowest return on investment (ROI) ratios of any energy upgrade.

cold air draftsCold Air Drafts – drafts are one of the most uncomfortable problems to have in a house. Excellent insulation is no protection against the gaps and cracks in our homes that allow unconditioned air in. Drafts are usually from one of two sources: air leaks in the home’s shell (including gaps in windows and doors), or under-performing window glazing.

indoor-air-qualityIndoor Air Quality – Does your house have unpleasant odors you can’t get rid of? Allergies or Asthma? A quick fix might be servicing your furnace filter, but often the problems still persist. Indoor air is often much more polluted than outside air, even in a city! If a home is not properly ventilated, even small toxins like mold, radon, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) found in many household products can build up to harmful levels.

high-utility-billsHigh Utility Bills – Every household in Portland has to deal with the water, electricity, and natural gas utility costs. It is also true that almost every household can make significant improvements to lower those bills with a few tools.


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